sand desert dune technology

Our Solution

Angular Materials is using a patent-pending technology to transform inferior, smooth sand grains into functional construction grade aggregates. We are doing that by using naturally occurring and renewable additives that entangle the sand grains and prevent slipping. Our technology enables us on the one hand to tap into generally overlooked, ubiquitous sand sources and on the other hand to divert waste materials from the landfill that are difficult to dispose off.

Our eco-friendly sand products can help to mitigate the global sand shortages brought on by a skyrocketing demand for building materials and the resulting environmental devastation in many countries from sand dredging. Additionally, replacing cement with cementitious additives derived from renewable resources creates a final product with significantly lower carbon emissions. Our technology does not require extensive washing to remove corrosive salts and makes our engineered sand a cost-effective drop-in replacement for river sand. Engineered sand products can be shipped to the concrete production site and easily be added into the mixing equipment together with its repulpable packaging.

Concrete is here to stay. It is needed in high-density housing solutions, for infrastructure development and in consumer products. If we must use it, why not a concrete that keeps it’s environmental impact to a minimum and also has improved properties.